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About Me


 Hey Guys!! I thought that I would tell ya'll a little bit about who I am, the person who created this kick ass website. :0P I know ya'll prolly think that I am a lil conceited, but I am really not. I am just really proud of this site, cuz it looks a gazillion times better then what I thought that it would. So here goes..A lil about me.

  Ok, So, My name is Aleesia (most ppl spell it Alicia) but my father had to have it spelt his way. -Is 'spelt' a word? Anyhoo, I am 19 years old, yeah! almost an adult, yet still a kid. I am currently attending a community college, after graduating from a christian school, I love the atmosphere of a public school. I am in my 2nd semester, yeah me! I love my schedule this semester. I have Statistics - still haven't decided if I like this class, Psychology - I think that it will be fun and I will def learn alot about me, Astronomy 2 -I had it last semester and had a blast this semester will be no different, Expository Writing - taking it with my bestest friend, Kelli, so I know that it will be awesome! So now that ya'll know my schedule, which I know that ya'll really did want to know, I will continue to divulge information about myself. So I have a job, unfortunately. I don't like to work, but I so LOVE my job. I work at Victoria's Secret! How cool is that. I love working there it is def the coolest job ever and I have had some pretty cool jobs. So, I do go to church, whenever my job allows. I love my church, Kelli -my bestest friend, remember?, is my pastor's daughter, so I have connections. :) I also met my wonderful boyfriend at my church, Jon. He is great! <3 Aww...I spend all my free time with him cuz I love him to death and he is the sweetest person!! there anything else that ya'll could possible want to know about me? Or is there something that I could tell you that ya'll don't want to know that I could tell ya anyway? hm...Well, I guess that I could tell ya'll what I look like. I am about 5 foot 6 inches. I have shoulder length light brown hair with soft blonde highlights that are starting to fade. I have beautiul green eyes - sorry, there goes my ego again, I will keep it under control-well, that is what my boyfriend thinks, if I have to stereotype myself, I think that I am more punk then anything, but I usually wear whatever is clean and whatever I feel like wearing. Sometimes, in the middle of the night....naw just kidding, NOT gonna finish that sentence. ;) So I think that that is everything that I can think of, if there is anything that you absolutely HAVE to know, contact me, and I guess that it wouldn't hurt for me to tell ya, unless it is something that I don't wanna tell ya. :) 



  my favorite movies:

Edward Sissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dirty Dancing, The Blue Collar Comedy Tours - both of 'em, Jackass, A Walk to Remember, Meet the Fockers, The Transporter, Underworld,

  my favorite music:

him, cradle of filth, green day, evanesance - i don't think that is spelt right, cky, eminem, alicia keys, gwen stefani, usher - yummy, kelly clarkson, almost anything except country

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt